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The Lunchbowl Network was set up in 2006 in response to the plight of the orphaned and vulnerable children living in Kibera, Nairobi. Since then they have provided funding for a dinner programme for 450 orphaned and vulnerable children. These children endure the harsh reality of life in Kibera including lack of access to clean water and very poor sanitation, compounded by an inadequate education that causes them to be severely disadvantaged. The children in the programme have been selected because of their vulnerability and high need and rely upon the nutrition that is provided daily by The Lunchbowl Network.


​In January 2015 the first International Angel Kindergarten opened to educate and feed 55 Lunchbowl children.


In January 2016 the second Angel Kindergarten opened to educate and feed a further 150 orphaned and vulnerable children aged 3-8.


The vision of the Angel Kindergartens is to provide an excellent foundational learning experience, to feed minds as well as tummies and for each child to develop emotionally, physically, spiritually and academically, ensuring their disadvantaged background is compensated by a solid foundation in their early and formative years, enabling them to compete within the Kenyan system for good Primary and Secondary schools and thereby impact their future lives. Both the Kindergartens are an oasis of safety, fun and compassion for every one of the Lunchbowl children. 


Lunchbowl operate on a voluntary staffing basis, they have no office costs and they ensure their overheads remain very small hence they give an extraordinary 94% of all financial donations direct to their projects in Kibera, 6% is used to raise the next £1. ​


The Lunchbowl Network also provides a sponsorship programme for their Kindergarten children.


You can bring lasting hope and change by giving a young child a quality education in their early formative years, for Kindergarten children this education will be the key to success in their life.

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